With more than 1000 always fresh produced products our offer has an almost unique variety in our industry.

Started with multiple times awarded wieners to our air dryed hams to the very popular Kübler-Maultaschen and veal sausages, a lot of our products are manifactured according to old family-recipes with high manual and innovative expertise.

Here you can get a close view in our world of pleasure.


A big selection of different kinds of meat is always availlable for you:

To save time and human ressources you can order prepared or even cooked products. Here you can see an extract of what is possible, but there are a lot more:

  • Steaks, ready portioned and spiced
  • Schnitzel breaded with classic, panko or cornflakes coating
  • Already filled beef, pork, veal or turkey roulades
  • Filled roasts like the neck or the loin of pork with ham and cheese or a turkey breast with a vegetable filling
  • Goulash and strips from all kind of meat all natural or spiced
  • Meat parts or special cuts browned and precooked on our teflon coated roast belts.
  • Ready cooked roasts and convinience products like pulled pork, pulled beef and pulled turkey


A great selection and the unique taste of our sausage-products gives you a vivid variety.

Boiled sausage

Boiled sausages

Raw sausage

Raw sausages

Cooked sausage

Cooked sausages


Whether you need raw or cooked ham, our ham products provide an excellent selection of meaty and lean meat parts.

Our specialties from traditional in-house manufacture.


Kübler´s Convenience

Fast, uncomplicated and tasty. Prepared for the fast but fresh cooking at home or in the canteen kitchen. Here you can see a great selection of prepared meatproducts.

Fresh specialties

Roasted specialties

Baked spcialties


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