We are a pioneer for innovative, intelligent and efficient solutions for measures of environment protection and energy-saving as well as for the increase of the local and regional value creation  of our region.
Since 2011 the company is certified from an extensive check for sustainability in the sectors of ecology, economie and sociology.


  • We own a gps monitored cooling system in our vehicles
  • We use an electric vehicle for short ways
  • Heat recovery from special steam storage boilers
  • We reduced emissions into the air, water and the ground
  • Roof greening for to improve the air quality, extension of the life of the roof sealing and for the delay of rainwater run-off.
  • Usage of heat and soundproof windows to save energy and to reduce the noise exposure around our production sites
  • Implementation of an energy management follwing DIN 50001
  • Usage of self produced energy from our own block-to-air power plant and the onsite photovoltaic system.
  • Conversion of all loading ramps with inflatable gate sealings to eliminate 90% of the warm air from outside.
  • At all of our packaging systems and processes we relied on latest technologies. That‘s why we were able to reduce our plastic packaging waste by approx. 20% in recent years.


  • Each year we train approx. five trainees with good takeover opportunities.
  • Strengthening of regional identity and highlichtign regional specificities
  • Distribution of swabian products in our branches like fresh Filderkraus, regional wine, swabian Spätzle and others.
  • Increase in local and regional value
  • Original member of the protection association of the producers of the swabian Maultaschen g.g.A.
  • Our meatsuppliers get their animals for slaughter out of the region to guarantee gentle transport routes for the animals and the environment
  • Manufacture of socially balanced and environmentally friendly produced products

Remote effect & networking

  • Well-thought-out packaging policy: Replacing hard shells with foil and reusable boxes
  • Newly acquired transporters have start and stop automatic, which leads to a significant reduce of emissions.
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