Whether our meat-manifactury, our butcher’s specialist shops, catering or our restaurant, with pleasure we offer you high-grade premium products in all kinds of variations.

Butcher‘s Shop

Our quality specialist shop in the middle of Stuttgart – we attach special importance to freshness, variety and highest quality!

There will be a special shopping experience: We offer you more than 100 differnt meat specialtities for everyone to enjoy.

  • Sausauge-counter: fresh sausage products, made with traditional family recipes as well as exclusive international sausage and ham specialties are inviting you to have a feast
  • Meat counter: Meat from selected longterm suppliers garanty a stable and high quality. At our meat counter you can anything you can imagine, like minced meat and even specialties like Sweetbread or ox jaws. Our skilled staff is eager to support you with your joyce of products and consultate you in the way of preparations.
  • Kübler‘s Meatmanifactury: Our Meatmanifactury takes you on a culinaric voyage with products like an original Salame Milano or an air dryed Prosciuto di Parma. Furthermore we offer you our best, self dry-aged Beef direct out of our own dry-age chamber. You would like to have a special part of beef dry-aged? No problem, we can age it for you in our special chamber you can always have a look in. We do all that with our credo „best quality for a fair price“.
  • Cheese-counter: Our cheese-counter offers you a variety of cheese, the perfect addition to sausage, meat and vegetables, to a swabian evening snack or for cooking. With a selection of regional and international sorts there is at least one for every cheeselover.
  • Fish-counter: For our fish-counter we get fresh fish each day from our supplier Deutsche See. We offer a great and changing selection of different kinds of fish. Our skilled staff would like to cut and fillet the fish in the way you need and consultate you in the way of prepararions.
  • Delicacies: For the culinaric complementation of your purchase we offer you a variety of salads, antipasti, tasty honeys for your cheese and other specialities in our delicacies-counter.
  • Self-service division: In our refrigerated and freezing sections you can get already packed products for your self-service. Our homemade Maultaschen, our traditional veal sausages, our ready to eat kebab or our vegan schnitzel – here you can get everything you need and want.
  • Commodities: To top off your shopping you can get careful selected commodities like eggs from organic or free-range husbandry, butter, fine lindt chocolate and much more.

In our butcher‘s specialist shop you are served by our kind and highly qualified team. Our staff have a comprehensive expertise – because the individual and professional consultation of our cusomers belong to our service.

Restaurant Topfgucker

In our long proven restaurant, the Topfgucker there is something for everybody. Here you can have a very special dining experience.

Dining like being at your grandparents but in the middle of Stuttgart.

The cooking pots are standing directly in the guestroom, so everybody can take a look in the pot to convince themselves of our dishes, which is called „topfgucken“ in swabian.

In addition to the dishes in pots and pans we offer you a great selection of salads, soups and homemade desserts.

Bistro Kübler

  • The Bistro: For your breakfast, lunch, a snack or just a refreshment like a softdrink or a coffee, we would like to serve you in our bistro.
  • Enjoy our unique curry sausage special with our Oberländer and our very special currysauce or our spareribs with a tasty barbecuedip. Of cours we also like to serve you our tasty dishes of the day and snacks. Be inspired and fascinated by our vegetarian offers.
  • Take a seat in our beer garden in front of the bistro, in the first floor with a view on the beautiful Feuersee or on our wonderful sun terrace and enjoy your meal.


Pleasure and hospitality

You‘re planing a festive occasion, a company celebration or a small conference?

Our long-term cateringteam is able to host you with your event and helps you choosing and combinating the menues and plates.

Here you can see some inspiration for your menues. If you need something special please reach out, our team is ready to help you.

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