For more than 50 years we have been able to serve our major customers in the food service sector

With our Foodservice we can offer you an advanced level of flexibility. We won’t forsake any customer. If you notice a lack of goods short dated we offer you the possibility to order 24 hours a day and seven days a week with different means of communication. We are availlable via telephone, e-mail, fax, WhatsApp or with a message on our answeringmachine. In most caseswe can garanty the delivery on the same or the next day. If you have limited cooling possibilities or if you need the delivery on a specific day, we could deliver as you wish from Monday to Saturday.
If you have a high required quantity and need an efficient partner for your supply, we haven’t reached our capacity yet and are the perfect choice for you and your bussines.  With eight filling machines we are able to produce 150.000 Sausages, meatloafs, different sorts ofcold cuts and a lot more

For more than 130 years we are constantly improving our know-how, our quality and our claim for good, high-graded and honest foods. We can proudly maintain that we are producing more than 1000 products ourselves. Started with different kinds of boiled, cooked and raw sausages to our Maultaschen with homemade dough to self developed gravy, bread dumplings, spätzle and potato salad.

With more than 18 refrigerated vehicles we are able to cover the deliveries for the whole region of Baden-Württemberg on a daily basis. Nationwide deliveries are covered with well known refrigerated shipping companies.
International transports within the european countries or to the middle east are covered by airfright or by ship.

We take our product responsibility as obvious. Thereby animal welfare ist the most important part of it. It is for this reason, we don’t obtain any meat from factory farms or from farms that use unneccesary antibiotics.

We are particularly attached to regionality, therefor we obtain most of our raw materials from our region. Whether pork from the swabian albs, beef from the Allgäu or cabbage from the Fildern area, we always know where our raw materials are coming from. Fort he sake of our environment we put a lot of value on short and gentle transport routes.

Our comprehensive service is more than our products. We gladly offer you to borrow equipment like refrigerated trailers, gas barbecues or personnel. Moreover we can help you to market your products as best as possible. We would be glad to create an integral concept from product calculation to the presentation of goods up to the commercialization. We are open for all ideas and our sales team is there to consult you.

Of course we keep producing our products with the help of long-proven recipes and traditions. But still we see ourselves as an innovative product developer and together with our customers we want to obtain the best end products. Whether a salami with extra hot Jalapenos, bratwursts with feta cheese or a roast with an exceptional filling, from a batch of 40 kg we can realize every idea.

The most innovative technology enables us to comply with high quality standards. Our company does not only comply with the stringent EU certifications for hygienic measures but surpasses those standards out of self-interest. To ensure that our team for quality assurance checks both of our production facilities daily with temperature checks, product checks, film tests, incoming and outgoing goods inspection and the tracing of all production batches. In addition our quality assurance does periodic hygiene training sessions with all employees.


Flexibility has always been our strength!

Since the acquisition of a second production site we even got stronger in our flexibility so you as bulk purchasers could be supplied by our two locations.

With our locations in Stuttgart and Frankenhardt we meanwhile cover great parts of the region Stuttgart and Schwäbisch Hall short and sustainable  delivery periods.

Ordered in the evening, received in the morning – test us.

(In addition we can guaranty absolute freshness beyond the indicated delivery zone through global operating shipping partners)

Location Waiblingen

Since 1998 we produce and deliver the popular Kübler products in the whole world.

In our production sites we ensure the highest hygiene regulations and the highest technical standards. With our fully automatic and programmable slicer products can be sliced efficient and with highspeed. The attached pick-robot packs the sliced products in different grammages and calibres. With the non-contact packaging of the goods ensure a sterile packaging.
On modern teflon coated roasting belts we can roast our meatproducts nearly without any fat and flavour protected. After cooling the products down they are packed and etticated in one of our modern Multivac packaging lines and delivered.

Our quality control and our quality assurance are monitoring the endproduct during their income and their outgoing.

Our article assortment contains different meat cuts from pork, beef and lamb, portioned meat after customer requests, homemade raw and cooked hams, boiled sausage like Lyoner, Bierschinken and others, in one piece or sliced, sausages like veal sausages, wiener and different kind of bratwursts.

A great choice of barbecue articles like neck of porks marinaded with herbs, pork belly marinaded, barbecue bratwursts, fire sausages and many more.

We also have convinience and partly-convinience Food like roasted hamburgers, ready to eat roasts, soups, sauces and cans, meat loaf raw and cooked in different sorts and in excellent quality, Maultaschen and a lot more.

Location Frankenhardt

In the year 2017 we took over the production site in Frankenhardt near Crailsheim, where we relocated the production of raw sausage like different types of salami or our Stengele, cooked ham like our grilled-honey-ham and the production of raw ham like our Schinkenspeck to. We also produce our unique Coppa that belongs to each swabian snack, there.

Furthermore we started the production of our convinience food there. For example we produce ready for use and tasty lentil stew, sour chitterlings or sauerkraut with ham in synthetic sterile skins which is suitable for warm up or to transport the products in a space-saving way.
Our cook supports the production of traditional swabian Spätzle, potato salad, sauces, soupes and more convinience products like veal-goulash, shashlik-pot and many more.
Your canteen needs more ideas or stands in front of a make-or-buy decission?

We would like to cook your desired dish for you.

Since the start of our production in Frankenhardt we are producing more than 50 different kinds of tinned sausages, some of them in organic quality, which we exploit via Amazon (Link).

Did you know already?

Our production site in Frankenahrdt is halal certified. Under that certification we are producing in seperate rooms products like hot dogs, beef salami, veal-wiener and many more.

In addition we are BIO and MSC certified.

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