• After meanwhile 130 years of company experience in the field of meat and meat products, we would like to produce and offer products that are a full and healthy enjoyment experience. Completely without meat or animal additives.
  • In our vegan food production it is important to us, that the ingredients used are healthy, free of any genetic engineering and also sustainable and gluten-free.
  • For this, we only use renewable vegetables from controlled and guaranteed GMO-free cultivation.
  • The unique taste of our products is achieved without any help of flavour enhancers, artificial additives or other chemical substances. Instead we refine the taste due to an extra grilling process for our high-quality vegetables.
  • By using high quality and tasty vegetables in combination with nutritious pea protein, olive oil and natural spices, we have managed to create honest, vegan products that are not only tasty, but also provide excellent nutrients, with outstanding quality.

Vegane Mini Schnitzel

Lyoner Geschnitten

Vegane Feuerwürste

Vegane Hacksteaks

Vegane Feuerwürste Halbiert

Vegane Nürnbergerle Ganz

Vegane Schnitzel Mariniert

Vegane Nürnbergerle Halbiert

Vegane Oberländer

Vegane Schnitzel Natur

Vegane Oberländer halbiert

Vegane Schnitzel Panniert

Veganes Burgerpatty

Veganer Fleischkäse am Stück

Veganer Fleischkäse Halbiert

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