Campaign for Jacob ,

Very dedicated employees of our company called our attention on the fate of little Jacob who suffers from leukemia the second the second time. This time he only could be rescued with donated stock cells.

With help from friends and class mates we organised a typification campaign in our branches.

In this campaigns we could persuade more than 1000 people to register themselves in the stock cell register of the university hospital Heidelberg.

You can get more information to our campaign on the homepage of the stock cell register of the university hospital Heidelberg:

Longtime Sponsor of the baby ambulance of the Björn Steiger foundation,

The Björn Steiger foundation stands up for improvements in emergency aid since 1969. We decided to help with one of their many projects and initiatives, the transportation of premature infants, also known as baby ambulance.

You can get more information to this and other initiatives on the homepage of the Björn Steiger foundation:

We wish the Björn Steiger foundation and their initiatives every success for the future.

Paulinenpflege Winnenden Berufsbildungswerk,

The Berufsbildungswerk of the Paulinenpflege in Winnenden helps young people with hearing and speech impairment and people with autism with their education. They have the possibility to become trained in one of 30 different jobs.

In cooperation with the BBW in Winnenden we designed new shelves for our tinned sausages which were made by the manually very talented trainees.

You can get more informations to the Paulinenpflege and their Berufsbildungswerk

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